Why Sight-read?

 The ability to read a musical phrase at sight is considered invaluable by the vast majority of musicians.

Problems of Learning Sight-Reading

Traditional methods of learning to sight-read often require a teacher to spend long periods of time with the student, giving feedback and correction. The student is encouraged to practice sight-reading at home, but here he or she is deprived of the feedback of the teacher. Many students learn the piece they are reading through repetition, so that after a few times through, they are not really practicing reading anymore, but are playing the piece from memory.

Many misconceptions regarding sight-reading are prevalent, such as:

However, many musicians who have a good sight-reading ability agree that the only secret to this skill is lots of practice.

Etude Sight Reader makes practice time much more productive and more enjoyable

How Etude Sight Reader Improves the Process of Learning Sight-Reading