Etude Sight Reader

 the better way to learn music sight reading


Etude Sight Reader is a Music Sight-Reading Trainer software application.

The software presents you with musical notes and phrases in music notation, to which you respond by playing the notes or phrase on your MIDI instrument.

And Etude Sight Reader indicates your correct and wrong notes on the screen.

You can download Etude Sight Reader 1.4 from the Download Page. It is a fully functional version of the program, with a 30 day trial period.


  • Note recognition - practice for notes and chords
  • Phrase playing to practice correct rhythm, note and rest timing and durations 
  • Instant visual feedback
  • Practise without a teacher
  • Gradual increase in difficulty, adding single elements at a time
  • Example phrases to illustrate rhythmic elements
  • Randomized selection of notes and phrases to discourage "learning by ear"
  • Control the program from your MIDI keyboard
  • Create your own lesson files with a MIDI editor/sequencer

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Some screen shots are available here.